Episode 7: Interview with Amanda Makes

In this episode, I interview Amanda Dymacek aka Amanda Makes Yarn!
You can find Amanda at

AmandaMakesYarn on etsy
littlehousebigwoods on Instagram
Amanda Dymacek podcast on YouTube
Amanda's Ravelry group

Podcast Love
Pam Reid - #fitbitnstitch and/or #fitbitnknit will take place this month on July 17th.  Stitch or knit for an hour followed by 30 minutes of some sort of physical activity, then repeat if you'd like.  Post your craft and fitbit progress on Instagram under these 2 hashtags!
Purls Before Twine on Youtube - a new, fun knitting podcast!

ME Box Giveaway
Martine of the Creative Me podcast has graciously offered one of her August subscription boxes as a giveaway to one of my listeners!  Please enter in the Ravelry group; below is a video showing the contents of the July ME Box:

This giveaway ends on July 31, 1016.

On the Needles
Bring Your Own Bag 2.0 by Wyndlestraw Designs
Test knit for Andrea of This Knitted Life

I treated myself to this gorgeous yarn from Wonderland Yarns on the Cheshire Cat base in Dreamworld:

You can purchase this yarn at A Stitch in Time in Farmingdale, NJ, or Chelsea Yarns in Colts Neck, NJ - Chelsea Yarns also sells this yarn online.


  1. gorgeous yarn!! I am woefully behind on all podcast listening. I'll blame my adult son who is here for over two weeks :)

    1. That's the beauty of podcasts, they are there whenever you want to listen!

    2. I listened over the weekend and it was as always spectacular :) Love your podcast :)

  2. I recently found your podcast within the last month. Since you only post them once a month, I'm now all caught up.

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying them! I find podcasting once a month works with my schedule especially during the school year. With my last podcast, I tried to record every 2 weeks, and I found it difficult to find the time some months. I love podcasting primarily because of the interaction with my listeners so this was a good compromise.

      Hope you continue listening in the future!

  3. Am finally getting to list to the podcast and had to laugh at your shock over shipping to Canada - Amanda knows all about that when a friend and I ordered the Ironweed and had it shipped here to us!! :-) It's very expensive!!! (but her yarn is totally worth it) I love your voice and enjoyed the show - will check out Pam Reid's show - I see that she is stitching Death by Thread which is a pattern I've just ordered and will probably die before finishing it...... LOL!!