Congratulations! It's a Blog

Spring is the time for rebirth and renewal, so in the spirit of the season, I (re)created a blog.  I've done this before, and I hope the content of this blog reflects what I've learned since I started my first blog in 2010.  If you found me via the podcast, welcome! If you found me via Instagram or Facebook, welcome! If you found me through another blog or podcast, welcome!  If you wonder about all these connections, just look to the nifty navigation at the top.

Why blog? Why now? Why Blogger? Great questions!
  1. I have experiences I want to share between monthly podcasts, the content of which transcends platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  
  2. Blogs are back on my radar! After the demise of Google Reader, I stopped reading blogs on a regular basis. Boy have I been missing out! Through other podcasts, I've discovered some great blogs and as a result, discovered a desire to start writing my own blog again.
  3. I fought the use of sites like Squarespace and insisted that Wordpress was the "professional" way to go.  "Blogspot" in the URL for a blog? Pshaw! (OK, I just like typing "pshaw", I never actually say it.) Insisting on Wordpress directly conflicted with the concept that "content is king"; I lost sight of that in the pursuit of design.  A Wordpress based website just takes too much time away from the real purpose of a blog - writing!
In the coming days, weeks, and months, look for posts about what I'm knitting (or want to knit), what I'm reading (or have on my TBR list), and any Christian books and studies I'm working through.  If you wonder what those topics might entail, give the podcast a listen - there's a very nice link in the sidebar.

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