In Praise of Daily Planners

Update 10/25/16: While I remain enthusiastic about the use of planners, I can no longer recommend any product from Kristen Schmucker's company. The company may promote Christian values but they do not adhere to them.

Every year at my school we pass out planners to students on the very first day. (You may wonder why I'm talking about the first day of school when the last day of school is only 8 days away, but stick with me.) I distribute my stack, tell the kids what pages to rip out and sign, and then caution them about leaving them lying around my classroom.

Needless to say, there are a lot of them left lying around my classroom by the end of that first day.

As irritating as it is to make a pile of these abandon notebooks on my desk each year, I never make the effort to return those planners.  After all, I've never used a planner, and I get through my to do list every day.  I may lose the to do list before it's finished, but I'm not so old that I can't remember those last few entries and get them done ... and no I don't text my son and ask for a photo of the grocery list I forgot, or at least not very often.

That calendar I print out every month and hang above the coffee maker? Very useful when I'm home.  That calendar app on my laptops and phone? So much effort to open yet another app or window even though my phone is never far from me and I spend most of my workday on or near a multitude of computers.

I'm that person that thinks she's organized but really not.

So you think I would've scrolled right by this Instagram post by @kristenschmucker:

But you'd be just as wrong as I was.  That planner on the left, so Kate Spade but at a price a public school teacher could actually afford!

Seriously, a planner?

I reminded myself of all those pretty notebooks I've purchased in the past that are now gathering dust in the "office supply closet", aka the repository of all the rejected school supplies, ancient chargers and external devices that I just can't bring myself to throw out.  Anyone need a zip drive from 1997?

Determined not to be enticed by those bold stripes and pretty flowers, I firmly swiped past that post.

Of course, in the land of social media, posts like that one reappear in your feed again, and again... and again. Also, 20% off.  So I clicked the link and checked out the interior.  The Daily Planner contained pages for 6 months at a glance - bye bye coffee maker calender - followed by undated pages with places for my to do list, schedule, what we had for dinner - did we really have tacos 3 times in one week? - prayer, and daily grace.

That last one was the clincher.  If you've read my post about my epic fail as an online Bible study leader (notice I capitalized "Bible", this blogger pays attention), then you'll know how I struggle with slowing down to spend time in Scripture and/or a Bible study each day.  If I record what I study, not only will I see progress but me being me, I won't want to leave that area blank.

Daily Planner = Accountability Partner!

Since my planner arrived May 31st, I've used it every day this month and carry it with me most days.  It's not small enough to fit in my purse but it does fit in either my laptop bag or project bag, one of which I always have with me.  I know it's only been 2 weeks, but in that short time I've come to love my planner and can't imagine a day without it!

Come September, I'll reunite those abandon planners with their owners.  Who knows, there may be a kid out there who, like me, just needed to give this a try.  If only Kate Spade or Kristen Scmucker made a school planner!  If you use a planner, do you have one you love? If so, please share in the comments.  Perhaps we will all become a little more organized and accountable this summer!

Disclaimer: I did not receive ANY compensation for this review. The views expressed were my own at the time but unfortunately are no longer the case.

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  1. I use my phone for calendar dates but I love notebooks for tracking lists and reminders and carry a small leather notebook holder in my purse. I am working on an adaptation of the bullet journal style for work that I will start using when I return to work in August.