Yarn Along: Market Bag Review & How to Love Your Mother-in-Law

I finished by BYOB 2.0 bag this past week and really enjoyed knitting it.  Learned a lot about bag construction, and I did my own thing when it came to the handles. I agree with the comments on the Ravelry pattern page, the instructions for the handles were too "fiddly".  I just cast off 19 stitches as the pattern called for but rather than make the separate handle, just cast on 25 stitches and continued knitting until I ran out of yarn.  Otherwise, the pattern is well written and detailed!

I knit the medium size in Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton which created a bag 14" tall and 13" wide (laid flat).  I used 2 balls of yarn in their entirety for the teal, and a small amount of yellow and white.  It's a good size for the local market, and I'm thinking of making another in fall colors for Rhinebeck.  Quick, inexpensive knit!

I also recently finished The Girl's Still Got It by Liz Curtis Higgs.

If you're a certain age like me, then you'll remember when mother-in-law jokes were the staple of TV comedians.  No one liked their mother-in-law; mothers-in-law were not popular people.

So imagine my surprise when I met my future ex-husband and immediately hit it off with my future ex-MIL? I never gave this much thought until I read this book (although I do know remaining friends with your MIL after divorce is unusual). Higgs examines the story of Naomi and Ruth line by line, moment by moment, from that barren roadside where Ruth commits to returning with Naomi to Bethlehem until the birth of her son, Naomi's grandson, the grandfather of David.

Ruth didn't hit it off with her mother-in-law quite as quickly as I did.  In fact, Naomi tried really hard to get rid of her! I love how this author delves into why Naomi acted the way she did. Not only had she nothing to offer Ruth and Orpah, she had no idea what her reception would be in Bethlehen when she returned from living in Moab... you know, that place where the Israelites weren't supposed to live? Whose people Israelites weren't suppose to marry? And here Naomi is with her daughters-in-law, two Moab women.  And to add fuel to the fire, she coincidentally left Bethlehem for Moab when there was a famine then conveniently returns when the famine has ended?

Makes you see Naomi in a whole different light when she says, "Return home, my daughters" doesn't it?  I'd be worried about my reception back home too if I were Naomi.

Higgs explores every event in the Book of Ruth in the same way.  She points out that
Naomi is our soul sister. The one with issues. The one we get. The one whose journey through life looks a lot like ours. Peaks and valleys. Not much in the middle.
and that
Ruth is most remembered for guiding another woman on her journey from misery to joy. 
For me, those insights alone made the book worth reading, but perhaps the most powerful conclusion this author presents is
The book of Ruth isn't just a love story; it's the love story.
We are Ruth, poor in every way.  We are Naomi, often without hope.  Yet God reveals his "steadfast nature" through the actions of Boaz, who's descendants culminate in Jesus.  And Ruth and Naomi become as close as two women can be.

No matter whether you have a good or not so good relationship with your MIL, are Naomi or Ruth in this season of life, or wonder if there will ever be a Boaz in your future, I know you'll get a lot out of this book!

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  1. love your market bag and the bright colors you used!! so cheerful! I love that you love your MIL :) I have a nice relationship with mine but only after years and years of tugging and pulling. Age brings wisdom.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Great podcast and I am enjoying hearing all about your projects. Thank you *so* much for featuring one of mine, the BYOB 2.0! I am glad you enjoyed knitting the bag and plan to do more - the fewer plastic bags we all use the better! I wrote a blogpost about the driving force behind this pattern for Earth Day last year, so I hope you enjoy reading that too:

    Keep up the good work!