Land of the Midnight Sun Shawl

I thought I'd give my knitting a little love this week! At the beginning of the year, Tanya (@bzmama on Instagram) released a new shawl pattern that really caught my eye called Land of the Midnight Sun. The navy blue against the cream tweed? Classic and gorgeous. I've knit a few of her shawl patterns so I knew this one would be a well written, interesting pattern that I could take with me and knit on the go.

What I didn't realize when I first saw that picture is that the cream tweed is Red Heart! I wrote an entire blog post about how surprised I was that she used it and how lovely it was to knit with once I got over my yarn prejudice. I paid $7 for two skeins with 260 yards each! For someone who has way to much yarn and is trying not to add to her stash (and deplete her bank account), these 2 skeins were a great option. I used some Plymouth wool tweed worsted yarn I had left over from another project for the blue and green stripes:

Seriously, even with the pattern purchase, this entire shawl cost me a little over $10 since I used accent yarn from stash!

I love this shawl on my "stitching chair"!
I did use a size 8 needle (the pattern calls for size 7) and added an additional repeat of the top section because I like a larger shawl. The main stripes are very easy to memorize and adding an additional repeat just takes some very simple math. A super customizable pattern!

My shawl also likes to chill on my old futon with my Basquiat pillow.
I knit this entire shawl in under two weeks in the evenings; it could probably be done in a few days if you live somewhere that gets big snow storms or you have a free weekend. If you are a "confident beginner", this shawl pattern (and many of Tanya's other patterns) are a perfect way to work on those skills. If you can knit, purl and yarn over, and are ready to try to make one left and right (you can do it), check out this pattern!