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If you've listened to the podcast, you know two of my favorite things are knitting and reading... so how come I never heard of Ginny Sheller's Yarn Along until now? While Ginny's weekly Yarn Along started in the Fall of 2010, I just recently discovered it. If you're unfamiliar, every Wednesday, knitters post current projects along with their current reads in order to inspire other knitters and readers.

How could I not join?

Here's a pic of my current project and book:

I'm working on The Sampler Girl's Jane Eyre shawl in Berroco Remix in the color Buttercup and reading Stephanie Barron's newest in her Jane Austen mystery series, Jane and the Waterloo Map.  The shawl is a pleasure to knit; while it's worked in a worsted weight, the suggested yarn is primarily cotton and linen so it's the perfect accessory for those of us who spend a lot of time in air conditioning during the summer.  I hardly ever choose golden yellow to knit or wear but fell in love with this color when I saw Tanya's version in the ravelry group.

With regard to my book of choice, the newest Jane Austen mystery takes place soon after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo and involves the murder of a soldier and disappearance of what else? A map!  Jane's family, especially her brother Henry, once again provide support for our favorite author turned sleuth.  This installment also features Raphael West, son of the artist Benjamin West, who was introduced in an earlier book.  I don't want to give too much away if you haven't read the series, but just because Jane spent her life single doesn't mean she never had admirers or love interests!!

That's what I'm knitting and reading this week - check out Ginny's blog for more inspiration and join us with some of your own!

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