Town & Country

A New Pattern

In the last post, I introduced my first original pattern design Aspen Winter. I finished the "country" version of the pattern yesterday, and my timing couldn't be better. Here at the Jersey Shore, we wore flip flops on Saturday and winter boots on Sunday. Thanks weather!

This version of the pattern is knit with worsted weight alpaca as the "snow" and Romney wool from Pradodelana Farm for the "birch trees".

There will be a "town" version of the pattern that I hope to test in the next week or two using custom dyed yarn from a local dyer. I hope to share the pattern with test knitters in early December. If you're interested, please join the Ravelry group. I'll post a thread there when the pattern is ready for testers!


I recently started watching the Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix and just love them. The time period (1890s), the novelty of invention (night vision goggles!), famous characters (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Wild Bill Hickok, Houdini!), the tension between the handsome main character and the female coroner, the comedic constables ... just go watch an episode.

While you do that, we can look at the cover posted outside my classroom. I like to share what I'm reading with the kids so maybe some of them will pick up a book (although many of them tell me they are too busy to read).

After spending some digital time in 1890s Toronto, I was happy to stumble upon A Deadly Affection by Cuyler Overholt in the library last week. The sleuth in this series is a female psychotherapist who encourages one of her patients to confront a doctor who took her baby from her when she was a teenager. Of course, the doctor is murdered, the woman a suspect, and Dr. Summerford enlists the help of Simon Shaw, a man with which she has a history. Early psychology and medical theories abound but don't drag down the story, and the setting of late 19th century New York complete with robber barons and tenements makes this an exceptionally fun read for any lover of historical mysteries!

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