All The Pretty Bags

I finished my Harvest Leaf Bag!!! Two weeks past the testing deadline, which if I followed my own grading procedures would mean I failed... but I completed it and I LOVE IT!

I used approximately 4 hanks of Gotland yarn from River Bend Farm in Howell, NJ. Shelley, the shepherdess, is a family friend who I often see at sheep shows. I used Peach Fleece worsted in Marigold and Wild Mustard for the yellow and orange. I bought 2 mini skeins of each color which made it easy to knit double but probably could’ve squeaed by with one of each if I wanted to live dangerously. Carmen’s husband (she designed the bag) made those incredible leather handles that were super easy to put on. 

Speaking of sheep shows, if you are going to Rhinebeck, you can check the bag out in person! I plan to fill this bag with goodness from the show. If you’ve listened to the last podcast episode, you’ll know there’s a giveaway associated with this bag for anyone who spots me at New York Sheep and Wool. Don’t be shy, say hello and you might win the pattern and Gotland wool for the bag!

In book news, I started All the Pretty Things by Edie Wadsworth last night. I rarely buy or read a book based on an author’s recommendation, but Sophie Hudson (she of the Giddy Up, Eunice! fame) couldn’t say enough good things about this book on her Instagram feed recently. I LOVED Giddy Up, Eunice! (you can listen to my review in this podcast), so if Sophie liked Edie’s book, then I figured I would too.

And I do!!
I’m slightly less than 100 pages in, but let me tell you, Edie’s family is colorful to say the least. The book starts out when the author is around 5 years old, and the portion I’ve read brings the reader up to the second grade. From Tennessee, Edie’s family’s version of rural Appalachia makes the characters of Justified look well off, and made me appreciate every little thing I have. Just about every adult in her life except her Mama is an alcoholic, and government cheese is looked on as a luxury.

The first line of the book reads,

I don’t know how old I was the night the trailer burned down -- or if the rumor was true that Daddy was the one that set it on fire.
You're already hooked, right?!?

This morning, I made it up to the point where her father remarries. Her stepmother is a church goer, and Edie’s handed her first Bible soon after meeting Shirley. From what I understand from reviews of the book, the author eventually becomes a doctor and faces the issues of her past with the help of strong Christian faith. I’m not big on memoirs, but this reads like a novel and the language is just beautiful.

I should finish this book by the next blog post, so check back to see if it fulfills all of it’s promise!!

Today, I'm joining the Yarn Along on Ginny Sheller's blogI also participate in  The Really Crafty Link Party along with Nicole at the Keep Calm Craft On link party.  Please join us either by contributing a link to your fibery work in progress and current read and / or by checking out the posts to the link parties. You may find your next book or project waiting for you!


  1. I'm intrigued by your book! And drooling over your bag. Incredibly cute!

  2. That bag is really beautiful and so unique!

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  4. How unique your book and bag presentation is, I love bags and books too. I have not read this one though I like nonfiction that reads like fiction. Stopping by from Wake Up Wednesday and hope you will link up with me at Small Victories Sunday linkup and Pretty Pintastic party going on this week on My blog.

  5. Oh, what a lovely bag! So perfect for keeping your yarn stash!

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